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December Provider Inspiration

December Provider Inspiration

Dec 29, 2020

Welcoming 2021 with Open Arms

Hello, and welcome to the December installment of Provider Inspiration

Amy Mansue

Saying that 2020 was a stressful year would be a gross understatement. Yet despite all of the obstacles the past several months have thrown our way, you offered unwavering and unshakable support to this community. With the expansion of our telehealth program in response to COVID-19, we have been able to support 107,384 telehealth encounters from March through November. And all I can say is: Thank you. 

Thank you for pushing aside your own fears to continue taking care of our patients. Thank you for coming into work every day even if you didn’t know how challenging it would be. Thank you for adapting to new safety protocols so we could continue to help our local South Jersey residents. But most importantly, thank you for being the leaders the South Jersey community needed.

In addition to enrolling patients in several COVID-19 clinical trials, Inspira is also spearheading the distribution of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in South Jersey. I am in awe of the commitment this institution has not only to its community, but to ensuring the safety of each other. Over these past few weeks, Inspira has witnessed some of the most innovative and inspiring achievements. Now, I am overjoyed to share with you updates from the Inspira Foundation, news about the MyInspira app and website, changes to the visitation guidelines and of course, developments regarding COVID-19 vaccines and trials.

Since joining Inspira in September, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet with you at various Inspira access points. Whether it was in-person or a virtual meeting, I have received an immense amount of constructive feedback, and I am so appreciative. As we say goodbye to this year, do not forget to continue reaching out. Every comment, concern and question you share helps make Inspira better.

Until we meet again in the new year, have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

As always, be safe and be well.

Amy Mansue 
President and CEO

Topics: COVID-19