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March Provider Inspiration

March Provider Inspiration

Mar 25, 2021

Hope is on the Horizon

Hello, and welcome to the March installment of Provider Inspiration. 

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Hope is on the horizon: 56 percent of Inspira employees have been vaccinated and New Jersey has successfully administered 1.9 million first- and second-dose vaccines. 

As COVID-19 variants continue to reach the U.S., we will remain transparent, keep you informed and uphold the preventive measures we know have worked for the past year. We are working to secure additional vaccine doses and confirm upcoming appointments. We are committed to making sure those who want the vaccine have access to it, and we will remain vigilant about updating the Inspira website as we learn more about vaccine availability. 

With each passing day, we continue to learn more about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccines. 35 percent of Americans missed a cancer screening as a result of the pandemic. Whether patients have been vaccinated or if they’re still waiting, we must empower our patients to get screened. Nothing is more important than early detection. 

As I look back at the last few weeks, I’ve seen a community focused on uplifting one another, even in the most challenging of times. And when I look at you, our health care providers, I see the power your interactions have with our patients, volunteers and community. Now, I am elated to highlight some of the benchmarks Inspira has been working toward, such as: expanding our minimally invasive robotic surgical offerings, improving colorectal cancer care, empowering endometriosis evaluation, fighting COVID-19 through evidence-based sleep monitoring and furthering the Inspira Health Foundation. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to protecting our South Jersey community. Remember, my door is always open. 

As always, stay safe and be well. 

Amy Mansue  
President and CEO

Topics: COVID-19