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Meeting the Health Care Needs of the South Jersey Community with Provider Recruitment

Meeting the Health Care Needs of the South Jersey Community with Provider Recruitment

Mar 16, 2023

Inspira’s mission is to provide safe and compassionate health care to all members of the South Jersey community. In an effort to improve our patients’ access to care, we’ve been directing attention to provider recruitment, which is one area of focus in our most recent strategic plan. 

“We want to serve the community with as many specialties as we can, and we don’t want our patients to have to wait an extraordinary amount of time to schedule their appointments,” said Scott Wagner, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.E.P., president of Inspira Medical Group. Last year, Inspira hired 37 new providers, more than any year in the past. 

The provider recruitment team uses data and research from Inspira’s strategic plan, employee requests and community health needs assessments to determine the roles that are top priority for hiring. “Recruiting in areas of need allows us to be better partners to our community and ensure that our continuum of care is really working for our patients,” said Dr. Wagner.

“We’re almost always focused on recruiting for Urgent Care, which is a consistent need across the network and in our community. There tends to be a high volume of patients at Urgent Care every day,” said Dr. Wagner. “Right now we’re also focused on recruiting a breast surgeon for Mullica Hill and gastroenterologists for Vineland.” 

Our providers are incredibly important to the success of our health care system, so the provider recruitment team takes their time to pinpoint the right person for each role. “If we wouldn’t go to this provider ourselves or send our loved ones to them, they’re not the right fit,” said Dr. Wagner.

While recruiting providers, whether they’re physicians or advanced practice providers, the recruitment team highlights the full complement of resources available to the Inspira network. “We work in collaboration not only with Inspira Medical Group providers but with all of our community providers,” said Dr. Wagner. “And we’re always working with our partners to further the breadth and depth of our service offerings in both inpatient and outpatient settings.” 

If you’d like to refer a provider for a role at Inspira Medical Group, please reach out to Carol Chila, director of recruitment, at  

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