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Proper EEG Testing Proven Critical in Care of COVID-19 Positive Patient Population

Proper EEG Testing Proven Critical in Care of COVID-19 Positive Patient Population

Oct 1, 2020

Over the past several months, the novel coronavirus pandemic has created a new set of challenges for patients suffering from neurological disorders. Since COVID-19 is a new disease, little is known about the long-term effects the virus can have on the brain let alone recommendations for monitoring or treatment.

Early studies have shown a direct link between COVID-19 and central nervous system issues. In some cases, researchers have even identified a specific EEG pattern in COVID-19 patients. While COVID-19 is often detected after patients present other symptoms, detecting neurological changes early could prove crucial to identifying positive patients. Patients who develop acute neurological symptoms with COVID-19 should be evaluated urgently with an EEG scan and receive regular follow-up care for months after recovery to ensure lingering or worsening symptoms do not develop.

Of course, EEG scans are not just for COVID-19 patients. EEGs can also diagnose and monitor seizure and sleep disorders, changes in behavior and evaluate brain activity following a severe head injury or even before an organ transplant. At Inspira Medical Center Vineland and Mullica Hill our EEG technicians have the training and knowledge required to provide a clear diagnose your patient’s condition. With experience ranging from neonates to geriatrics, our staff builds a trusting relationship with patients, as well as providers, to lessen anxiety and improve the patient experience.

To ensure your patients are receiving high-quality neurological care, have their EEG done by a trained Inspira Health EEG technician at one of our safe and convenient sites. Appointments can be made by submitting an online request form, or by calling 1-800-INSPIRA.

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