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Renovations Complete: Welcome to Inspira’s Digital Front Door

Renovations Complete: Welcome to Inspira’s Digital Front Door

Dec 29, 2020

In this year of social isolation, technology has created a surge in virtual connectivity. Focused on developing new and expanding existing health care delivery systems, Inspira is proud to release its newly redesigned MyInspira app, patient portal and website. 

“We all rely on technology more than ever, and health care systems need to stay laser-focused on meeting our patients’ needs and expectations. Now, we can be online for our community the same way we have been in-person,” said Kathy Scullin, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Inspira Health. 

MyInspira App Phone

MyInspira App Redesign 

In pre-pandemic times, health care management proved to be challenging for many patients. These challenges intensified due to the stress and limitations of COVID-19. While patients can still access health care in the palm of their hand, the new MyInspira design delivers a refined and advanced experience.

“The newly reconfigured MyInspira app allows patients to access more tools, resources and health care professionals to help them manage their care,” said Scullin. “Specifically, patients can schedule appointments, meet with their physician or specialist virtually, connect with providers for quick consultations, view records, check ER times and pay bills all with the tap of a button—and that’s not even the half of it.”

The new app plays a critical role in helping patients identify COVID-19 symptoms and create action plans, such as checking into urgent care centers, connecting with providers via the Health+ program and completing a COVID-19 self-assessment. 

Patient Portal Updates

Inspira’s patient portal has also been updated to help patients track wellness, manage appointments and communicate with providers. A one-stop-shop for medical management, patients can utilize the portal hub to access their health profile, lab results, medications, procedures, visit summaries, diagnostic imaging results and information about recent and upcoming appointments, all in a secure environment. 

“The goal is to simplify and consolidate all things health care. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but patients must manage their health. That is why we are enhancing this virtual experience. We need to continue evolving with our community for our community,” said Scullin. 

Website Overhaul

Finally, the Inspira website has undergone a complete overhaul. Now equipped with an improved user experience, preloaded user search intent actions and online appointment scheduling, accessing health care has a brand new—and technologically advanced—meaning. 

“People are scared. Is this a COVID symptom? Are these allergies? Is this a regular cold? When these questions pop up, the first thing people do is search online—and we have a responsibility to meet our community online and provide quick, easy access to the information they need. That’s what this new site does,” said Scullin. 

To refer a patient call 1-800-INSPIRA. Learn more by exploring our website or downloading the MyInspira app.

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