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Revised Masking Guidelines for Inspira Health Facilities

Revised Masking Guidelines for Inspira Health Facilities

Apr 27, 2023

In alignment with Governor Murphy's announcement that New Jersey no longer requires masks at health care facilities, Inspira Health has changed its guidelines and will be complying with this recommendation, while still following best practices (per OSHA and the CDC) in all instances. All requirements remain in place while caring for COVID-positive patients. Additionally:

Masks will still be required in the following instances:

  • When interacting with patients who exhibit respiratory symptoms.
  • When in the room with any suspected COVID-19 cases, even while waiting on test results.
  • We also strongly encourage using PPE while working with immunocompromised patients (chemo suites, etc.).

Important clarifications/reminders:

  • Providers and staff may still choose to wear PPE at all times based on their preference.
    • We encourage the use of PPE to limit worker-related exposure to respiratory illnesses.
  • While the state no longer mandates masks, individual facilities can choose to reinstate a masking requirement based on local activity. 
    • If there is an outbreak or large number of cases in a unit, Inspira may choose to implement mandatory PPE use for that area to mitigate spread and bring case numbers back under control. 
  • Similarly, if community transmission rates change or reach a high level, Inspira will follow CDC and state guidelines at that time and will consider changes.
  • Do not report to work at an Inspira facility if you have a fever or are experiencing respiratory symptoms.