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Inspira Health’s robotic surgeons offer a wide range of procedures, including single-site robotic surgery, which provides patients with minimal to no scarring and speeds up their recovery time so they can get back to their lives quicker.

How Robotic Surgery Works 

During robotic surgery, the surgeon has full control over the surgical robot and an enhanced view of the surgical site. The surgeon operates from a console while the robotic surgical arms act as an extension of the surgeon’s hands.

These precision engineered arms and 3-D views provide optimal visualization of the surgical site, as well as more precise movement within tight spaces. The instruments used in robotic surgery are inserted through a few or one very small incisions, which provide patients with many more benefits than traditional open surgery.

Orthopedic Robotic Surgery  

Depending on your specific surgical needs, we offer the option of robotic-arm assisted joint replacement surgery with the help of a robot called the Mako System. This technology helps individualize treatment by using advanced 3-D imaging to create custom surgical plans with an unmatched level of precision. Available for hip replacement as well as full and partial knee replacements, this option provides a personalized surgical experience. Here’s how it works: 

  • A 3-D model of the patient’s hip or knee is taken before surgery and used to develop a pre-plan  
  • The model is used to guide the surgeon’s placement of an implant with pinpoint accuracy, giving live feedback intraoperatively to the surgeon. 

Single-Site Robotic Surgery 

Inspira Medical Center Vineland was one of the first hospitals in the region to offer patients single-site robotic surgery. Currently, Inspira’s experienced surgeons at Inspira Medical Center Vineland and Mullica Hill offer single-site robotic surgery for cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) and hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). 

During a single-site procedure, the surgeon uses the da Vinci® robot to make only one small incision in your belly button to remove the gallbladder or uterus, leaving you with a virtually scarless result. Inspira’s da Vinci® robot features a magnified 3-D, high-definition vision system coupled with flexible single-site instruments, which enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision and precision. 

    Robotic Surgery Exceeds Patient’s Expectations for Quick Recovery

    Jonathan Loteck
    “Just one night in the hospital and I went home the next day. By day three or four, I could stand on my feet for eight hours and walk around. Pain was minimal and easy to control.”
    Jonathan Loteck
    Jonathan Loteck

    Benefits of Robotic Surgery 

    • A shorter hospital stay 
    • Less blood loss 
    • Fewer complications 
    • Less need for narcotic pain medicine 
    • A faster recovery 
    • Smaller incisions for minimal scarring 

    Single-site robotic surgery also offers a range of patient benefits, including: 

    • Low rate of major complications 
    • Low conversion rate to open surgery 
    • Virtually scarless surgery 
    • High patient satisfaction 
    • Minimal pain 
    Robotic surgery equipment lit up in a dark room

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