Garden AHEC

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Established in 1982, Garden AHEC is a hospital-hosted AHEC, staffed and supported by Inspira Health.  Garden AHEC is part of the Education Department at Inspira Health which provides innovative quality educational services including classes, support groups, workshops, courses and professional journals to patients, healthcare providers, employees and the community. Garden AHEC is one of three Area Health Education centers in New Jersey, and is affiliated with Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Service Area:  Garden AHEC serves Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties, about 1150 square miles with a population of more than 511,000. These counties face health challenges that Garden AHEC, Inspira Health and many other community leaders are working to improve.  Parts of these counties have health professions shortages which contribute to limited access to healthcare services. 
Community Collaboration:  Through our academic and community partnerships, Garden AHEC provides health career recruitment programs and increases access to healthcare in medically underserved areas.  Garden AHEC addresses healthcare workforce needs by introducing students and adults to healthcare career opportunities, establishing community-based training sites for medical students and providing continuing education programs for local healthcare professionals. 

It is our fundamental purpose to improve access to quality healthcare in medically underserved areas and to underserved populations in our service area.  By working to recruit, train and maintain our local healthcare workforce we are helping to address deficiencies in access to primary and preventive care services in South Jersey. 

Garden AHEC is a partner in local community health education and improvement initiatives along with other programs at Inspira Health that are working with community partners to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors.  

To contact us:

Matthew McCafferty
Program Manager
(856) 507-8560

Taquan Carey
Program Coordinator

Carol Yanzuk
Administrative Assistant
(856) 507-8565