Inspira Health+

What is Inspira Health+? 

Inspira Health+ is a new free service provided by Inspira Health. The idea is simple: help our patients, and others, understand how personal technology, such as smartphones, can help them manage and improve their health. This includes everything from tracking your daily fitness activities, such as walking, to the use of smart blood pressure monitors that can automatically send your physician or health coach your blood pressure with the simple push of a button. Friendly tech support is provided by Inspira technicians at our Health+ technology bars located in the lobby of Inspira Medical Center Vineland and Inspira Urgent Care Glassboro.

This new service delivers the Inspira Brand Promise: clinical excellence, patient safety and excellent service and takes it to an entirely new level. Our patients and members of our community have long depended on Inspira to care for them and to help them stay healthy. The + indicates that we are reaching further—beyond your expectation--to be your expert, trusted source for information on how technology can help reach your health goals.

Do I have to be an Inspira patient to take advantage of the Health+ technology bar?

Anyone may stop by one of our two locations to ask questions and learn more about how Inspira’s smartphone apps and other technology can help them improve their health.

Our Health+ staff are friendly technology experts who can show you how our Inspira smartphone apps can help you manage, and improve, your health and well-being. They can assist with downloading and setting up the apps for use. They will also offer free consultations to help individuals understand how technology can be used to monitor chronic illness, stay connected with an Inspira Health Coach or Inspira personal trainer, or track fitness goals for a healthy lifestyle. They can also show you how smart devices, such as scales and blood pressure cuffs, can automatically send information to your health coach or physician office through an Inspira smartphone app.  

Health+ Products

The Inspira Health + kiosks accept payment by debit or credit card. Please remember that our Health+ technicians are there to help you understand how you might benefit from technology. They will never pressure you to purchase any of the items we make available.

Kiosks are staffed from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone extensions are:

Inspira Vineland - 856-641-7948
Inspira Urgent Care Glassboro - 856-553-4342