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Delivering A Seamless Patient Experience

Delivering A Seamless Patient Experience

Sep 25, 2020

Message from Amy Mansue

President and CEO, Inspira Health

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As the nation moves toward recovery, new realities are emerging in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. Activities that were once standard in our day-to-day lives have become less common, or have disappeared altogether. We shop differently. We dress differently. We socialize differently. We get care differently. And unfortunately for some, we’ve also stopped keeping appointments critical for our health and wellbeing altogether.  

While everything is different, the quality of care delivered at Inspira Health is not. Inspira Health has always been committed to delivering a seamless patient experience rooted in clinical expertise, comfort and compassion. We continue to raise the bar to deliver superior care – no matter the patient journey, and the current health care environment hasn’t altered that commitment.

As an established High Reliability Organization (HRO), Inspira is able to reduce preventable patient harm through a teamwork-based safety culture. With these HRO safety procedures in place, we were – and continue to be – well-equipped to protect patients and employees during this pandemic.

With HRO practices as our baseline, at the onset of the pandemic we rewrote protocols to better fortify against the contagious spread of COVID-19 and rethought our approach to personal care. As such, we have implemented and expanded:

  • Telemedicine: in an attempt to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, Inspira took proactive steps to expand telehealth services across the network. Though many patients and doctors have returned to in-person visits, patients are still able to see their Inspira Medical Group doctors virtually through their PC, smartphone or tablet. From mid-March through mid-September, Inspira physicians hosted thousands of patient visits through a variety of telemedicine options.  And, telemedicine continues to be a valuable tool for our Behavioral Health therapists and clients to stay connected. Learn More
  • Online appointment booking: patients now have greater access and more control over their health care experience with online appointment booking and virtual care visits with Inspira Medical Group physicians. Book Online

By eliminating any pause about seeking preventative care or treatment in a virtual and physical health care setting, Inspira has also been able to enroll in a number of studies aimed at improving patient care. This past July, Inspira Medical Center Vineland became one of the first hospitals in the country to enroll patients in a nationwide spinal fusion research study.

Vineland resident Bob Fanucci was focused on finding a surgeon and a procedure that could stabilize his cervical spine with a single surgery. The numbness in his arms and shoulders had become intolerable. He had endured years of neck pain. His quality of life and livelihood—journeyman lineman with the Vineland Municipal Electric Authority-- were too important to ignore. Fanucci’s orthopedic spine surgeon, Rahul Shah, M.D., had performed this spinal fusion surgery and similar procedures almost 150 times over five years at Inspira Medical Center Vineland. He has also taught it to more than 100 surgeons from across the country. His quality of life and livelihood were too important to ignore.

For Fanucci, participating in the study yielded benefits almost immediately. His chronic pain was gone shortly after his procedure. A few months post-op, both he and Dr. Shah are very pleased with the pace of his recovery. No more pain. No more numbness. Excellent range of motion.

Its stories like this that showcase our commitment to providing high-quality care right in your backyard – offering convenience and innovation just a few steps from home.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve you and the South Jersey community.

Please stay safe and be well.

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