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Looking Back at 2020

Looking Back at 2020

Dec 22, 2020
Amy Mansue Inspiration Page

Amy Mansue

President and CEO, Inspira Health

In the last days of any year, it’s not uncommon for us to get a little reflective about the past 12 months. And as we enter the last week of the year, we at Inspira Health can’t help but look back at all that took place in the world and in our own community.  Within our walls, it tested resilience and strength; it spurred innovation and camaraderie; but it was also the year of painful loss. 

In some cases, people were taken from us far too soon, victims of a pandemic that has caused death and suffering around the world. To lose these people is a reminder of the fragility of life, and a reminder to take care of one another.

But it’s also a reminder to celebrate the lives saved, and those that made it happen: the front-line health care workers, the first responders and other essential workers who have worked tirelessly day-in and day-out. 

One such life saved is Pittsgrove resident, Chris Johnston. We recently received a letter from Mrs. Johnston who was under our care at Inspira Medical Center Vineland for COVID-19 in late November. 

“I wish I could say I remember each of your names, but I do not.  I wish I could say I remember each of your faces but the protective garb you wear makes that difficult.  What I do remember is the respect with which you treated me and the confidence your care provided me.”

“Please understand how important it is for the patient to have confidence in those who are caring for them.  To a person, whether nurse or CNA, lab technician, P.A. or physician, I felt I was in highly competent, professional and caring hands.”

She further shared, “I attribute my recovery to you – each of you – and Dr. Dominic DeAngelo who had the good sense to follow the data, read the latest studies, and treat me as a stakeholder who had a part to play in the decision-making that went into my treatment…You may say you treated me, and I recovered. I would describe as what occurred…[as] you treated me, and you saved my life.” 

She closed her letter, “You have blessed me.  I am very thankful to you. Chris Johnston, wife of 54 years, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, great-grandmother of 1, educational researcher, author, and COVID-19 survivor.”

At Inspira, we are committed to providing high quality health care services that improve the lives of all we serve. 

From a team of highly educated, compassionate clinical staff, to High Reliability Organization (HRO) operations, Inspira has always put the health and safety of patients first – and the current health care environment won’t alter that commitment.  Most recently, and amid the coronavirus pandemic nonetheless, Inspira was recognized as a top safety hospital by Leapfrog, an independent national watchdog organization committed to health care quality and safety. We’re committed to providing exceptional care right in your backyard – offering convenience and innovation just a few steps from home, and this designation is proof in action. 

With cases surging in our backyard at unfortunate, and extraordinary rates, Inspira Health is well prepared to ensure that our community can continue to receive safe, high quality care for whatever your health needs may be. And with the vaccine’s current roll-out to front line health care workers across the country, and at Inspira, we now have a very necessary, and meaningful line of defense against this virus. Because, COVID-19 can be a minor illness in some, or lead to severe disease or even death in previously healthy people, many treatments and medications are being studied, but there is currently no cure. Prevention is key.

With all of this in mind, it’s critical that we all continue to practice tried and true safety measures. Wear a mask, social distance from others, and wash and sanitize your hands regularly. This vigilance will save lives.

2020 has been difficult, but so grateful that this is how it ends: with vaccines available to start a new chapter of health in our community. 

Until we may have the chance to meet, stay safe, be well, and have a safe, and Happy New Year. 

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The CDC and NJDOH have outlined the phases we must follow for the distribution of the COVID vaccine.  We are presently in Phase 1A which is focused on Inspira employees and our physicians (both employed and volunteer members of the medical staff) seeing patients in our hospitals.  The next phases will address other healthcare personnel, other essential personnel (such as first responders, utility companies), high risk (age 65+) populations, and the general public.

We have not received any further guidance from NJDOH on advancing to other phases just yet.  We are in conversation with them as they plan to move forward with vaccinations and how we can assist them in that process.   For up-to-date information, please visit:

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