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Updates Visitor Guidelines Issued by NJ Department of Health

Updates Visitor Guidelines Issued by NJ Department of Health

Jun 25, 2020
John DiAngelo

Message from John DiAngelo

President and CEO, Inspira Health

We know that our patients will feel more at ease to now have a support person with them. It is very important that our visitors fully cooperate so we can continue to provide the safest environment for our patients and staff.

The safety and wellbeing of our patients, visitors, and staff is our first priority. The NJ Department of Health released new visitor guidelines to implement in our hospitals including our emergency departments on June 25.

Updated Visitor Guidelines Issued by NJ Department of Health

All visitors must:

  • be at least 18 years old.
  • receive instructions on how to wear the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Inspira will provide PPE if necessary.
  • be screened at the front door for symptoms and temperature check before they can enter.
  • wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer before visiting the patient.
  • remain in the patient’s hospital room or emergency department bay as much as possible, except when asked by the staff to step out for standard patient care reasons.

Other guidelines:

  • Visitors may not be present during procedures or in the recovery room. Exceptions are pediatrics, childbirth, or if they are with a patient who has special needs.
  • One visitor may stay with the same day surgery or procedure patient before the procedure and return for the discharge process.
  • One visitor may accompany an outpatient for a test or treatment and wait in the designate waiting area.

If you have further questions about how Inspira Health is providing a safe environment for care at any of our 150+ locations, please call 1-800-INSPIRA.

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