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Making an Impact, Leaving a Legacy

Making an Impact, Leaving a Legacy

Jun 17, 2022
Gary and Betty Galloway Donation
Gary and Betty Galloway at Inspira Medical Center Vineland in front of the Blue Heart for Heroes Statue

Local small business owners known for their vigorous spirit of volunteerism and generosity, Gary and Betty Galloway have made an enormous difference in the lives of all who know them and the community where they live and work. In their more than 40 years of marriage they have done everything together as a team – including serving organizations they are passionate about.

Together, they support the local police departments, YMCA, and have been proud ambassadors of Inspira Health since 1992. Serving as Chairs of numerous boards and committees at Inspira, the Galloways have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of care and the patient experience, increase access to care in our communities, and enhance our facilities.

After decades of leadership and support, the two came to the Inspira Health Foundation team and expressed their interest in supporting the health care system’s neurological programs with a generous estate gift. “We’ve witnessed, firsthand, the effects neurological diseases can have – we’ve experienced it with our own friends and family and have seen the toll it takes on their loved ones,” said Gary. He explained, “If we can help to ease the pain that even just one patient may experience and the grief their friends and family endure, our gift will be worth it.”

Estate gifts are an important and everlasting way to continue to advance causes you are passionate about and to enable your legacy to live on in service of your passions.  Because of their generosity, Gary and Betty’s support of Inspira Health’s Neurology Department will benefit patients and their families suffering from debilitating neurological diseases right here in our community for years to come.

Topics: Foundation, Neurology & Neurosurgery