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All patients coming to Inspira for behavioral or mental health services undergo an intake process to establish the best treatment path.

Male patient on a couch during an intake

Our Approach to Behavioral Health Intake 

At Inspira, we take pride in building customized treatment plans for each and every patient. Just like physical ailments, behavioral and mental health issues impact each individual differently and can be managed with a different strategy. In some cases, intensive inpatient treatment with medication management may be ideal, while others can be helped with regular therapy or counseling sessions.  

In order to find out what treatment strategy is best for you, a behavioral health coordinator will ask you a variety of questions. Many of them will be primarily based on demographic info to identify the best providers, programs and locations, but others will be more closely related to your mental health and current symptoms.  

Some intake questions may include:  

  • Your name, birth date, address and occupation 
  • Your contact information 
  • Your insurance, if any 
  • Your personal and family medical history, including current medications  
  • Personal and family substance use history, including prescription medications  
  • The reason you are seeking counseling 
  • Symptoms you feel, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression or suicidal ideation 
  • Current life transitions that may be causing additional stress  
  • History of behavioral health treatment  
  • Goals for your behavioral health treatment  

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