Strength and Conditioning Training

Reach your peak this season with Inspira Health Sport Medicine’s strength and conditioning programs

Inspira’s Performance Improvement Training (PIT) programs are built to enhance the performance and life skills of all athletes, regardless of age, skill level or sport. We teach speed and agility with a grass roots approach, breaking down technique and body mechanics, while the strength component will focus on hip and knee dominant exercises along with push, pull, power and core to develop an overall powerful and explosive athlete.

The goals of our program are to help the athlete: 
  • Prevent injury 
  • Improve linear and lateral speed 
  • Enhance multi-directional movements 
  • Build acceleration & deceleration 
  • Develop upper and lower body power 
  • Build functional movement strength 
  • Correct and improve structural balance 
  • Improve muscle tissue quality 
  • Improve core strength and stability

Programs are available for individual athletes, both in private and semi-private settings, and for teams.

Indiv. Private Training: $50/session 
Indiv. Semi-Private Training: $35/session 
Team Training (min 5 max 15) $200/session 
Online Training Program $25/month

Functional Movement Screenings: $50/session 
Functional Movement Screenings are a specialized offering of the performance enhancement program. This assessment Allows us to evaluate the mobility and stability in your thoracic spine, abdominals, shoulders, hips, ankles, and knees. We can then better address inefficiencies in movement patterns and prescribe corrective exercises specific to you that preventing injury and maximizing performance.

If you’d like more information about our sports medicine program, or to schedule a consultation, call (856) 641-8000 ext. SPORT or email

Why Choose Inspira?

Advanced Treatment for Athletes of All Skill Levels

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels, and at Inspira, we’re committed to providing personalized care based on your specific athletic goals. Our team of trained clinical professionals, including a sports orthopedic specialist, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, work collaboratively to engineer a treatment plan that works for you—wherever you are in your journey to athletic excellence. 

Comprehensive Sports Medicine Services

Inspira’s sports medicine program focuses on maximizing the athletic performance of both professional and amateur athletes, as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.