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Male Breast Cancer

A common misconception is that men can’t get breast cancer. Although breast cancer is most commonly found in women, men also have breast tissue and can be affected. Thousands of men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Unfortunately, because men are not conditioned to be vigilant about changes to their breast tissue, they tend to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage. That’s why it’s important to discuss any unusual changes to your breast, chest, or armpit with your doctor as soon as you can (lumps, pain, swelling, etc.). These can be early indicators of breast cancer, and early detection is key to successful treatment. Inspira offers comprehensive breast cancer services with advanced technology and an experienced team of doctors and nurses.

Multidisciplinary & Specialized Approach

Inspira’s comprehensive breast cancer program provides advanced services in an environment built around your personalized needs. Our breast cancer team—medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and specialists in reconstructive plastic surgery—also includes coordinators, social workers, genetic counsellors, registered dietitians, physical therapists and behavioural health specialists. This diverse and extensive team of experts meets regularly to discuss each patient’s treatment plan and progress.

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Our advanced technology is at the forefront of breast cancer care, providing you with innovative resources. The noninvasive 3D mammography, state-of-theart SAVI SCOUT® technology, and the Inspira Insight assessment program are just some of the tools we can provide during your journey.


Support Services & Clinical Trials

Our continued commitment to research has helped give hundreds of cancer patients access to cutting-edge treatments. By participating in national clinical trials and research programs covering a wide range of cancers and related conditions, we offer you safe access to new treatments and our support services give


Specialized Care for every step of your journey

With the latest technology and a team of experienced doctors and nurses that feel like family, we’re here with you through it all.

Call: 1-800-640-8989