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Do Your Part to Care for Your Heart! 5 Ways to Improve the Center of Your Circulatory System

Do Your Part to Care for Your Heart! 5 Ways to Improve the Center of Your Circulatory System

Feb 23, 2022

Do your part to remain heart healthy and take action today!

Inspira’s Spirit of Women, together with Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care, hosted a virtual event featuring a panel of providers from both organizations to share tips on ways to keep the core of your circulatory system - your heart - functioning at its best. This included when to see a cardiologist, information on cardiac intervention options, such as Elective PCI’s, structural heart health, and more!

In case you missed it, check out the recording of the virtual event below!

Guest Speakers

  • Kurt W. Kaulback, M.D., F.A.C.C., Interventional Cardiologist and Clinical Director of Network Cardiovascular Services, Inspira Health
  • Loheetha Ragupathi, M.D., F.A.C.C. Clinical Cardiologist and Associate Director, Structural Heart Program, Cooper University Health Care
  • Jean-Bertrand Gué, M.D., F.A.C.C. Structural and Interventional Cardiologist, Inspira Health
  • Robert Ocasio, M.D., Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician, Inspira Health

Ready to start your journey to a healthier heart? Book an appointment now with a Cardiac Care specialist at one of our 16 convenient locations across South Jersey.

Did you know? ·

  • Your circulatory system is a network of not only one system but three systems working together:
    • Cardiovascular (heart)
    • Pulmonary (lungs)
    • Systemic (arteries, veins, coronary, and portal vessels)
  • Smoking greatly increases your risk of atherosclerosis. This occurs when plaque builds up on the walls of your arteries and blocks blood flow, sometimes called “hardening of the arteries”.
  • Valves are like doors between the chambers of the heart. When they function properly, they operate smoothly while opening and closing.
  • Some circulatory system problems have no symptoms. This is why it’s important to visit with your primary care doctor annually.
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