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Stress: The Holiday 'Gift' that Nobody Wants

Stress: The Holiday 'Gift' that Nobody Wants

Dec 8, 2022
Tarrah Bowick
Self-care is about giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. -Katie Reed

Holiday season is here. While it is often a time of good spirits and joy, that is only part of the picture. It can also be a time of being overbooked, overworked, overstressed, and over it. It is often taboo to speak about not being merry and bright during this time of year. However, the truth is most of us struggle to some degree. It can be about finances, health, grief, or those resolutions not quite kept.
People are often more giving during this time of year, but sometimes at the expense of neglecting themselves. It is also important to remember to be kind to oneself. That means making sure you are not overextending yourself or overlooking your own needs. Some basic self-care tips include: proper sleep, nutrition, and hygiene. Additionally, healthy boundaries are key to reducing stress. It is ok to say, “No,” “Wait,” or “I can’t.”

It is also ok to say “Help.” Help can come from family and friends. There are also professional helpers. Behavioral health professionals act as partners in helping you manage your emotional well-being and can assist you with incorporating self-care into your daily life. 

By Tarrah Bowick

Topics: Behavioral Health, Stress Management