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A Conversation with Vascular Surgeon Holly Graves, M.D.

A Conversation with Vascular Surgeon Holly Graves, M.D.

Aug 26, 2021

Meet Holly Graves, M.D., a vascular surgeon at the Inspira Vascular Institute, and learn more about her unique focus on vein work.

Holly Graves

If you ask Dr. Holly Graves, she'll tell you that vein diseases have gone undiagnosed for far too long. That is why when it comes to vein work, she's a firm believer in acting quickly and taking a cross-disciplinary approach to healing her patients.

“Many of my patients have had discolored ankles and leg swelling for 20 years, but never got a diagnosis. Yet when they stepped into my office, not only was I able to immediately diagnose their condition, but also give them the treatment they needed quickly,” said Dr. Graves. Oftentimes, treating vascular conditions is multifactorial, requiring the combined efforts of primary care providers to make the referral plus specialists like podiatrists, lymphedema, and wound care providers; however, Dr. Graves sees this as less of a challenge and more as an opportunity to provide high-quality care to patients in need of relief. 

“As a member provider of Inspira’s Vascular Institute, every technician has my cell phone number in case they have a question. They actually won’t let the patient leave until I have a plan and approve their discharge or direct the patient to the emergency room,” said Dr. Graves. “Really, it’s great coordination of care.”

Philosophy of Care

Although most vein work can be done in the outpatient setting, Dr. Graves is unique in that the majority of her vein surgeries are conducted in the operating room. 

“In general, my patients are very sick, many being 80 years old with horrible venous ulcers. Treating patients, especially my sicker patients, in the operating room gives me peace of mind because someone is always available to assist if I encounter an airway issue or need to treat several veins at once,” said Dr. Graves.

More than Cosmesis

Historically, some vein diseases went undiagnosed due to a belief that vein work was solely cosmetic.

“One of the biggest barriers to care was the belief that vein work is cosmetic, causing insurance companies to have ridiculous qualifications to be approved for vein surgery. But we need to challenge this notion because vein work is not cosmetic, it is essential,” said Dr. Graves.

Yet another obstacle of vein work is a lack of awareness among the people who need it most. “The average patient is unaware they have a vein disorder,” said Dr. Graves. “Today, we have various treatment methods and minimally invasive techniques at our disposal."

Dr. Graves specializes in radiofrequency ablations—a minimally invasive procedure that heats the vein and creates a scar that causes it to close. Blood flow then diverts to nearby healthy veins, improving circulation. 

Vascular Care at Inspira Health

At Inspira, vascular surgery does not have inclusive or exclusive criteria—patients range from people in their 20s with painful varicose veins to people in their 80s with leg swelling. 

When evaluating patients for vein problems, Dr. Graves recommends looking for three things: leg swelling, painful varicose veins and non-healing wounds on the legs. 

“Any vascular problem can escalate quickly. If you’re not sure about your patient’s condition, still send them our way. Even if it’s not a vascular issue, we’ve seen it all and can get your patient the care they need,” said Dr. Graves.

Additional vascular procedures that Dr. Graves provides include: 

  • Carotid disease
  • Open arterial and endovascular disorders
  • Aneurysm repair
  • Dialysis access

Dr. Graves is available to see patients at the Inspira Medical Group Surgical Associates office in Vineland, New Jersey. To contact Dr. Graves or refer a patient, visit, or call (856) 696-9933.