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Inspira Expands Experienced Care Across South Jersey with Vascular Institute

Inspira Expands Experienced Care Across South Jersey with Vascular Institute

Aug 1, 2020

Inspira Health’s new Vascular Institute aims to increase patients’ access to more comprehensive and coordinated care for vascular conditions across South Jersey.

The Vascular Institute spans all three Inspira Health medical centers and is led by Tim Pilla, M.D.; David Lynch, M.D., FACS; Sanjay Kumar, M.D.; Nauveed Iqbal, M.D.; and Holly Graves, M.D.

The goal of the new Vascular Institute is to provide patients and referring doctors with a wide range of vascular services. The patient population in South Jersey is aging, increasing the need for more complex vascular care related to smoking, chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney failure. The Vascular Institute means that when physicians refer patients for vascular care, patients can not only be seen sooner—but also closer to home.

Inspira Health’s Vascular Institute strengthens its offering of minimally invasive vascular techniques to help treat patients faster, speed recovery time and potentially avoid the need for more complex procedures in the future. Additionally, Inspira recognizes the need for increased outpatient interventional radiology procedures and will start providing those services to patients at the Oak and Main Surgical Center in Vineland sometime in September.

Additionally, Inspira’s Hybrid Operating Room offers advanced intra-operative imaging technology. This new “surgical theater” will provide the vascular surgeon the ability to perform both minimally-invasive and intricate surgical procedures with the highest level of precision.

Bringing comprehensive vascular care to South Jersey also means patients with symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be treated right at Inspira. Through our comprehensive PAD screenings program, Inspira’s Vascular physicians will be able to quickly diagnose patient conditions and more accurately define a treatment plan according to the patient’s needs. These screenings are offered at several Inspira Imaging centers across the region and all of Inspira’s three Medical Centers.

By coordinating efforts and bringing more vascular surgeons to Inspira, patients and referring physicians can feel confident in receiving experienced care for vascular conditions quickly without going far from home.

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