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Diabetes is a complex disease requiring you to make healthy lifestyle choices every day. Those choices include eating healthy foods, staying physically active, checking your blood sugar and taking your prescribed medications.

Our Approach to Diabetes Education 

Through successful management of diabetes, you can feel better and lessen your risk of diabetes complications. 

We offer Diabetes Self-Management Education programs at our medical centers in Elmer, Vineland and Woodbury. Inspira is recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for quality self-management education. 

Participants attend individual sessions based on their needs. A physician’s/health insurance referral is required. Diabetes Self-Management Education is a billable service that will be applied to your insurance. 

Diabetes Education Services 

Inspira’s diabetes specialists and instructors will help you learn seven key behaviors that promote blood glucose control:  

  • Eating healthy (weight management)  
  • Being active  
  • Monitoring blood glucose  
  • Understanding medications  
  • Solving problems  
  • Reducing risks of complications  
  • Coping with diabetes 

Why Choose Inspira for Diabetes Care

Inspira Health has locations across South Jersey. That means when you need help getting healthy again, you never have to go very far. Getting care for diabetes at Inspira means you’re getting care backed by an entire network of physicians. Care is easily coordinated between primary care doctors, specialists, nutritionists and rehabilitation specialists, providing a more seamless patient experience.

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