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Inspira Health+

Inspira Health+ is a free service provided by Inspira Health. The + indicates that we are reaching further—beyond your expectations—to be your trusted source for information on how technology can help you reach your health goals.

Innovation in Personal Technology-Assisted Care

The idea is simple: help our patients understand how technology can help them manage and improve their health.

Inspira Health+ currently offers two types of programming: self-monitoring using personal technology and assisted monitoring by a physician or third party. 

Self-Monitoring with Health+ and the MyInspira App 

Personal health technology can track everything from your daily fitness activities to readings from your blood pressure monitor. With Inspira Health+, these smart devices can be synced with your MyInspira app [link] where you can track progress. 

Health+ Products include: 

Assisted Monitoring with Inspira Health+

Through our partnership with Thais Home Monitoring, Inspira Health+ is able to offer expanded monitoring services to qualified patients who have recently been discharged from an acute care location. This program offers long-term monitoring, specially designed for those with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

If your provider prescribes this service, you will be enrolled and educated by one of our Health+ experts and sent home with a Health Hub kit. The Health Hub is a tablet that reminds you about upcoming appointments, reports progress and offers survey-based “check-ups.” The device can also immediately turn into a telehealth device.

As part of this program, your smart devices are monitored 24/7 by a call center. Any abnormal readings from your connected devices will be reported and sent directly to your physician. 


Yvette Thomas Inspira Health+
"I was grateful that I was able to recover at home; that there were tools out there that allowed me to do that. If there were figures [test results] that didn't add up, they [the nurses] were on the phone right away. They were up on everything."
"It’s pretty nice, sort of like someone watching you, but not right on top of you. There is no one yelling at you. "I don't want to get bad numbers, I want to do better, so that they [the nurses and doctor] know."

Visiting an Inspira Health+ Technology Bar or Kiosk

Our Health+ staff is made up of friendly technology experts who can show you how our Inspira smartphone apps can help you manage and improve your health and wellbeing. They can assist with downloading and setting up the apps for use, including integrations for your smart devices. 

Health+ experts also offer free consultations to help choose the tech that’s best for you. 

Do I have to be an Inspira patient to take advantage of the Health+ technology bar?

Anyone may stop by one of our locations to ask questions and learn more about how Inspira’s smartphone apps and other technology can help them improve their health.

Why Choose Inspira for Tech-Assisted Health Care

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