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At Inspira, we aim to empower and inform women of all ages about breast health.  

Our Approach to Breast Health 

Like all facets of women’s health care, the focus of our breast health program changes through the ages. It’s normal for a woman’s breasts to change during her lifetime. They can grow in size, change in texture and may become tender or painful especially with breastfeeding or menopause.  

Inspira provides personalized care for a wide range of breast health services. 

We offer mammography and breast cancer screening as well as breastfeeding consultations and support for new mothers. 

At Inspira, we are proud to offer a variety of breast cancer screening services and diagnostics. We are also able to treat common noncancerous conditions such as:  

  • Breast infections and inflammations 
  • Common benign lumps 
  • Mastalgia (breast pain) 
  • Nipple problems and discharge 
technician helping patient with breast health exam

Inspira Breast Health Specialists

Our team of experienced, compassionate breast health specialists is ready to answer your questions.  

Why Choose Inspira for Breast Health Care

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