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As a result of increased research funding, clinical studies and public awareness campaigns, breast cancer survival rates continue to rise as the number of deaths associated with the disease declines. Inspira invests in technology and provides services for prevention and early detection as well as the advanced treatment of breast cancer.

Our Approach to Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that originates in the cells of the breast. Although it can occur in both men and women, it is far more common in women.

The best protection against breast cancer is early detection and diagnosis, and the goal of breast cancer screening is to detect cancer at the earliest possible stage when it is most treatable. 

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

It’s normal for breasts to change during a lifetime. They can grow in size, change in texture, and may become tender or painful, especially with breastfeeding or during menopause. However, these symptoms should always be discussed with your health care provider. 

One of the most common indicators of breast cancer is the growth of a lump or mass in the breast. Other symptoms include:

  • Nipple discharge (other than breast milk)
  • Nipple inversion (turning inward)
  • Pain in the breast or nipple
  • Redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Swelling of all or part of a breast (even if no distinct lump is felt)

Screening for Breast Cancer

Even when no symptoms are present, it is recommended that breast cancer is screened for regularly. There are three primary ways to complete a breast screening:

Our Approach to Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer treatment, patients have more options today than ever before. Inspira’s holistic approach enables our oncologists to look at your overall wellbeing and health history so that when a treatment method is selected, it has the highest chance of producing a favorable outcome. 

Factors such as your age, genetic makeup, family history and other health conditions all play a part in how you will be treated.  

Depending on different factors, there are several treatment options you and your doctor may choose to explore:

Inspira Breast Cancer Specialists

If you’d like more information about your or a loved one’s cancer care, or to receive a second opinion about a diagnosis, our team is here to help. 

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