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A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast used to look for abnormalities. Getting an accurate image of the breast makes pinpointing problems much more precise and improves early detection of breast cancer.

Inspira’s Approach to Mammography 

With 3D mammograms, or tomosynthesis, more detailed images of breast tissue can help clearly identify lumps or tumors that may require additional testing. All mammograms done at Inspira Imaging Centers use 3D technology. Inspira InSight is a powerful platform that offers everyone who receives a mammogram at an Inspira Imaging Center the opportunity to participate in a high-risk cancer assessment. 

Many women with breast cancer don’t show any symptoms, which is why 3D imaging technology can help save lives through early detection. It’s especially helpful for examining women with dense breast tissue and those at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.  

What to Expect When You Have a Mammogram 

The procedure for receiving a 3D mammogram at Inspira is the same as the conventional 2D mammogram technology.  

First, an Inspira radiologist will position you in front of the mammography machine, and your breasts will be held in place by two compression plates.  

While remaining as still as possible, the machine will capture multiple X-ray images of your breast. The procedure will then be repeated again on your other breast, capturing one side-by-side view and one top-to-bottom view of each breast. 

Am I a Candidate for a Mammogram? 

It is recommended that women ages 45-54 make mammograms a yearly part of their wellness routine. Additionally, women ages 40-44 who are at high risk for breast cancer should also schedule a yearly mammogram. 

When a woman turns 55, it is recommended that the frequency be increased to once every two years.   

Why Choose Inspira for Mammography 

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