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Historically, MRIs have been a source of anxiety for many patients—from lying in a narrow tunnel to being near strong magnets, MRIs can feel frightening. Our facilities, including our outpatient AMI at Inspira locations, deliver an innovative experience for MRI patients.

What is Ambient MRI?

The Ambient MRI Experience is designed to transform the patient’s environment while enhancing their experience during the exam. By using dynamic lighting, theme-selected wall projection and sound, we can help the patient relax during the imaging process, distracting them from what is often the most stressful part of the exam.

Why is the MRI environment important?

Many diagnostic image scanning environments are not welcoming or comfortable for patients. MRI exams can be very sensitive to motion, which means that when a patient gets restless or uncomfortable and moves around, it can result in a distorted image.

The Ambient MRI environment can distract, calm or relax you using sound, light and other calming elements. When you are comfortable, you’re more likely to stay still and relaxed throughout the exam, resulting in a detailed image every time. Ambient MRIs both improve the patient experience and reduce the number of rescans required at imaging centers.


What to Expect When You Have an Ambient MRI

Painted completely in white and constructed without any corners, the Ambient MRI room is an immersive and multilayered experience equipped with a projector, lighting and sound system. When you come in for your MRI, you can:

  • Be transported to the seaside, mountains, field or beach by selecting a theme
  • Choose a soundtrack to be played during the screening
  • Watch selected images or videos be projected across the room

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