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Inspira Health’s surgeons offer a wide range of robotic procedures, including single-site robotic surgery, which provides patients with minimal scarring and speeds up their recovery.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a cutting-edge medical technique using robotic systems to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures. These systems consist of a console where the surgeon sits, a set of robotic arms equipped with surgical instruments and a high-definition 3D camera for enhanced visualization.

Our award-winning and state-of-the-art surgical facilities in South Jersey have received national recognition with fellowship-trained surgeons ready to guide you on your recovery journey. Inspira’s highly skilled surgical team has provided the region with state-of-the-art robotic surgeries since 2010. Minimally invasive robotic surgeries reduce scarring and speed up recovery time so you can get back to your daily routine quicker and with less pain.

How Robotic Surgery Works

During robotic surgery, the surgeon has complete control over the robot and an enhanced view of the surgical site. The surgeon operates from a console, while the robotic surgical arms are an extension of the surgeon’s hands.

These precision-engineered arms and 3D views provide optimal visualization of the surgical site and more precise movement within tight spaces. The instruments used in robotic surgery are inserted through a few very small incisions, which provide patients with many more benefits than traditional open surgery.

Robotic Surgery Specialties
ExcelsiusGPS - Robotic Navigation System for Spine Surgery
Doctor using Robotic Assisted Surgery Controller for DaVinci Robot
Inspira Surgeons using Robotic Surgery

What to Expect When You Have Robotic Surgery

Before surgery, the surgical care team will perform a comprehensive pre-operative assessment to discuss the procedure and address any concerns. Pre-operative instructions may include fasting guidelines, medication adjustments and other specific preparations.

You will be admitted to a New Jersey Inspira facility on the day of the surgery. Once in the operating room, the care team administers anesthesia. The surgeon then takes control of the robotic system from the console, guiding the robotic arms through small incisions to perform the necessary procedure. The surgery's duration varies depending on the complexity of the operation.

Postoperatively, you will transition to a recovery area where the Inspira care team will closely monitor your vital signs and provide pain management. The minimally invasive nature of robotic surgery generally contributes to a shorter hospital stay than traditional procedures.

After being discharged, you will receive care instructions tailored to your surgery. This may involve limitations on physical activities, medication prescriptions and guidance on wound care. During follow-up appointments, it is crucial to communicate openly with your care team, reporting any unusual symptoms or complications promptly.

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