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A Message to the Community

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Safety First: A message from John DiAngelo, president and CEO, Inspira Health At Inspira, we are driven to fulfill our Inspira promise to every patient in every encounter —patient safety, clinical excellence and a Wow experience. Safety is the foundation of our promise, and at Inspira we put patients first and safety first while focusing on the relationship among patients and caregivers to create the trust patients need to also feel safe. Five years ago we embraced as an organization the safety science and high-reliability organizing (HRO) to both keep our patients and employees safe and to continuously improve our care processes to create and maintain a safe environment. What is high reliability? Simply stated, what is supposed to happen happens 100% of the time; what is not supposed to happen does not happen 100% of the time. Please take two minutes to listen to my message about how we are keeping all of our patients safe and what you can do to help us. Stay updated about COVID-19 and Inspira Health at