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About the Deborah F. Sager Memorial Fund

Families count the days until their baby arrives, but what if that day comes too soon or with complications? 

The Deborah F. Sager Memorial Fund was formed after the tragic passing of Deborah Felisse Sager in 1978 with the net proceeds ($150,000) of the former Newcomb Hospital Horse Shows and the Atlantic City International Equestrian Festival from 1978-82. In support of the neonatal and pediatric departments, the DFSMF has raised more than $700,000 since 2012, allowing the Fund to continue to support the vital needs of children. Today, the DFSMF supports Inspira’s neonatal and pediatric units and enhances the delivery of high-quality life-saving care to infants in Southern New Jersey.

You can be a part of the DFSMF story and give preemies in our area a fighting chance at life.


Make Miracles Happen

nicu baby in incubator with nurse

Your contribution to the DFSMF will go toward helping our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU):

  • Care for babies as small as 500 grams (a little more than a pound)
  • Support parents with programs and resources before and after birth
  • Train nurses and nurse practitioners in comprehensive care for newborns

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Meet our Generous Donors

In Loving Memory of Iris Beverly Sheinkin

January 2, 1943   -   Passed July 19, 2021

A very special friend to Debbie, and to each of us… Thank you to the following donors who made gifts in her memory.

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