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Mullica Hill Smart Technology

Advanced smart room technology at Inspira Mullica Hill promotes efficiency and enhances the patient experience.

As part of this focus on innovation, the medical center’s smart rooms feature:

  • Interactive TVs – In addition to being Netflix-accessible, new smart-equipped televisions in patient rooms share real-time details with the patient’s care team throughout the patient’s stay and will allow patients to send messages to housekeeping, facilities and other members of their care team to create a more responsive and home-like experience.
  • Digital Displays – Digital displays outside each patient room alert visitors, housekeeping staff and others of the activity going on inside the room, such as a private consultation between the patient and a doctor, by sharing real-time information. This reduces interruptions and maintains privacy standards.
  • Patient and Asset Tracking – Driven by a single system, Inspira’s new smart technology will improve patient flow by identifying patient status and facilitating patient movement through the hospital.
  • Vital Sign Integration – All equipment that measures patient vital signs is integrated into Inspira’s centralized smart system so that nurses no longer have to record this information manually.

Our smart room technology is so intuitive that it electronically identifies and announces any member of the care team who enters the room. Patients will instantly know the role of each person they encounter at the bedside. Additionally, an interactive TV allows patients to send and receive messages with their care team, seek assistance with medications, talk with housekeeping or even get help with the discharge process.

Through this pioneering, tech-forward approach, we are able to automate processes, accelerate care, increase safety and deliver seamless health care services.

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