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Class is in Session: Join us Online for Inspira’s Childbirth Classes

Class is in Session: Join us Online for Inspira’s Childbirth Classes

Jun 23, 2021

There’s a lot to know in the weeks and months ahead of your newborn’s arrival. Childbirth education classes can help parents-to-be learn what they can expect with everything from labor and delivery to postpartum care. Classes at Inspira have moved online to continue serving expectant parents during COVID-19.

The Benefits of Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes were created to help shift pregnancy away from being considered an “illness” and instead, an experience that is most effective when expectant parents are empowered with educational resources.

“There are a lot of boxes to check when it comes to staying up to date on all things baby preparation. Oftentimes, we find expectant parents stockpiling books and online resources to make sure they have everything they need to know before the big day arrives. Although taking these steps is extremely commendable, it can feel and be overwhelming,” said Dawn Goffredo, administrative director of Maternal Child Health for Inspira Health. “Educational programs offer expectant parents peace of mind. Instead of tapping into several resources, they have everything they need in one evidence-based and expert-driven location.”

In addition to helping expectant parents gain confidence, childbirth classes offer a curriculum focused purely on a healthy pregnancy and preparing for the childbirth experience.

“Childbirth class attendance has declined over the years due to the accessibility of information online, the popularity of epidurals and the fact that people struggle to have time for themselves,” said Goffredo. “But nothing is more important than having the information you need from a resource you trust. That is the power of childbirth education.”

Childbirth Classes at Inspira

For expectant parents looking for more support in the prepartum and postpartum life, Inspira offers a three-hour class that takes place on select Saturday mornings and evenings and is led by a registered nurse and certified childbirth educator.

“We encourage expectant parents to attend these classes around the 25-32 week mark,” said Goffredo. “Here, we guide parents to have a working knowledge of relaxation techniques and pain management options as well as what to know about C-sections and postpartum care.”
Inspira’s online childbirth and family education class focuses on a healthy pregnancy and preparing for your childbirth experience. Additionally, there will be a brief introduction to breastfeeding and newborn care. Childbirth education includes:

  • Birth and labor positions
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Practice of relaxation with breathing, massage and visualization
  • Videos and discussions regarding the stages of labor
  • Virtual maternity tour
  • Warning signs you shouldn’t ignore

To register for the online childbirth class, email Inspira’s education department at

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