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Q&A: Leaving Quarantine Safely

Q&A: Leaving Quarantine Safely

Oct 28, 2020

The prospect of leaving a self-imposed quarantine may still give some a sense of nervousness, even as some states further ease restrictions.

“The first thing to recognize is the big difference between being able to leave your house and needing to leave your house,” said Evelyn Balogun, M.D., medical director, Inspira Urgent Care.

Where can I go? How long can I be there for? Do I still have to be six feet away from everyone? Dr. Balogun offers answers to three of the most common questions.

Can I Go Back to Work in an Office Setting?

This question is tough to answer, explained Dr. Balogun, as each individual is different and so are the places they work. Workplaces requires different levels of intimate interaction with coworkers and customers.

“In an office setting where you’re in cubicles by yourself for most of the day, it may be reasonable to return to work safely as long as guidelines like wearing a mask and disinfecting shared spaces are followed,” said Dr. Balogun. “But if your office is located in a coworking facility, you may want to consider working from home for the time being.”

Each business is individually responsible for providing a safe environment. Ask your manager and landlord what your company, and building, are doing to ensure social distancing measures and overall workplace cleanliness.

“If you are someone who is at a high risk for more severe symptoms should you contract COVID19, talk to your doctor(s) before returning to work and other activities,” said Dr. Balogun. “This may include, but is not limited to, people with lung, kidney or liver disease, asthma, and heart conditions as well as people who are immunocompromised.”

Do not go to work if you are sick (of course check with your manager for official procedure). If you’re not feeling well, or have any symptoms of COVID-19, speak to a medical professional to assess your risk or arrange testing. Inspira Urgent Care offers virtual and in-person visits, no appointment necessary. Save time and check-in online.

Can I Visit with Friends and Family?

If done cautiously, then yes, you can visit friends and family. These visits should be done outside on a porch or patio, said Dr. Balogun.

“If you do visit someone, you still need to maintain a six-foot distance from members of other households and wear a mask—even if they’re family members—per guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” said Dr. Balogun. “And be very mindful of those who might be at higher risk, particularly grandparents and older relatives.”

Can I Eat at a Restaurant, Get a Haircut or Go Shopping for Clothes?

In this scenario, the risk for workers is likely much higher than for those going to the restaurant or store. If both parties—worker and customer—adhere to social distancing measures as closely as possible, and wear masks, the risk of transmitting the virus between one another remains minimal.

“Weigh the pros and cons of going out to restaurants and stores carefully,” said Dr. Balogun. “While enjoying a meal or getting a new haircut may be enjoyable, is it worth the possibility of getting sick?”

What if I get sick or hurt?

When things don’t go as planned, Inspira Urgent Care is here 8 am – 8 pm every day. And whether it’s for COVID-19, colds, sprains, physicals or allergies, you’re guaranteed to see a doctor every time. Many visits can be accommodated virtually and an in-person trip to our office is not necessary. Save time and check-in online – select ‘ON-SITE’ or ‘VIRTUAL’ to reserve your spot.

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