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Tonsillitis is a disease that can cause a sore throat, fever and difficulty swallowing. Regardless of the severity of your condition, Inspira will find a treatment plan to help you find relief.

What is Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, which are small, oval-shaped glands at the back of the throat. These glands are part of the lymphatic system and play a vital role in immune defense, producing white blood cells and antibodies to combat infections.

Tonsillitis is commonly caused by viral or bacterial infections, often attributed to streptococcus bacteria. If left untreated, bacterial tonsillitis, particularly streptococcal infections, can result in complications such as tonsillar abscesses (pus-filled pockets in the tonsils) or the infection spreading to other parts of the body. In severe cases, untreated streptococcal infections may lead to rheumatic fever, which affects the heart, joints, skin and nervous system.

Chronic tonsillitis, resulting from persistent or recurrent infections, may contribute to the formation of tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) and can impact overall health. Additionally, frequent bouts of tonsillitis may necessitate surgical removal of the tonsils, a procedure known as a tonsillectomy.

What are Tonsillitis Symptoms?

Tonsillitis symptoms include a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, swollen and red tonsils, fever and enlarged neck glands. In bacterial cases, white or yellow patches may appear on the tonsils.

How is Tonsillitis Diagnosed?

Diagnosing tonsillitis involves a medical history review and a physical examination, where your provider checks for signs like redness, swelling or white patches on the tonsils. Physicians perform throat cultures or rapid strep tests to identify bacterial infections. Additionally, blood tests or imaging studies are occasionally used to assess the severity of the condition or rule out other potential causes.

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Our Approach to Tonsillitis

Inspira stands out for its patient-centered care, offering comprehensive and personalized treatment for tonsillitis. No matter what treatment path you choose, including surgical intervention, Inspira’s care team will be with you every step to help you heal quickly and safely so you can get back to your life without the persistent pain of tonsillitis.

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