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A vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC)— pronounced “vee-back,” for short—refers to giving birth vaginally after already having had a Cesarean section (C-section).

Our Approach to VBAC 

Historically, medical opinions about whether or not a woman should attempt a VBAC have been mixed. But “once a Cesarean, always a Cesarean” no longer holds true. Some women are better candidates than others and your provider can help you determine if VBAC is a safe option for you.

We believe every woman should have the resources and autonomy to make an informed choice about what birth plan makes the most sense for her and her baby.

Benefits of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean 

Benefits of vaginal births, including VBACs, include: 

  • Shorter recovery time and hospital stay 
  • Fewer postpartum complications such as infections  
  • Fewer risks for subsequent pregnancies 

Risks of VBAC 

There is a small, but real, risk of uterine rupture for women choosing a VBAC. This is when the scar on your uterus opens while the baby is still inside during a vaginal delivery. For this reason, women choosing a VBAC are monitored closely while in labor and must have their delivery in a hospital where a full clinical staff is present at all times in case a C-section is needed.  

To ensure the safety of mom and baby, Inspira patients delivering VBAC do so in a medical center with a full clinical team of OB/GYN physicians, anesthesiologists and in-house pediatricians. It allows us to also offer advanced neonatal intensive care, if needed. 

Inspira Labor & Delivery Specialists

An Inspira OB/GYN or certified nurse midwife can answer any questions or concerns you may have when deciding if a VBAC makes sense for you.

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Why Choose Inspira for VBAC

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