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Preconception counseling at Inspira Health is where proactive care meets peace of mind. Our comprehensive screening services assess your health before pregnancy, identifying potential risks and ensuring the best possible start to your parenthood journey.

What is Preconception Counseling?

Preconception counseling is a proactive approach to reproductive health that involves a series of tests and evaluations conducted before you become pregnant. These tests assess your health status and identify any potential risks or conditions that could affect conception, pregnancy or the health of your future baby. Preconception screenings typically target several categories of conditions, including genetic disorders, infectious diseases, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

Your doctor or midwife may recommend preconception counseling, especially if you have a family history of genetic disorders, have experienced fertility issues or pregnancy complications in the past or have specific risk factors such as age, certain medical conditions or lifestyle factors. By identifying potential risks or conditions, your doctor can offer personalized recommendations and interventions to maximize your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

At Inspira, we believe that healthy families start with healthy parents, which is why we take a holistic, family-friendly approach to reproductive medicine. We strive to empower you with knowledge about your reproductive health and work directly with you to develop a plan for a successful pregnancy.

How Preconception Counseling Works

During preconception counseling, our specialists conduct a thorough assessment of your reproductive health, including genetic screening for disorders like cystic fibrosis, infectious disease screening for conditions like syphilis, and hormonal assessments for fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Blood sugar monitoring and testing for folate and iron deficiencies may also be recommended. Additional evaluations, such as Pap tests for cervical abnormalities and thyroid function testing, can help identify and address potential health concerns. By identifying and addressing these factors, your doctor will offer personalized recommendations to improve your reproductive health and increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Preconception Counseling at Inspira: What to Expect

Preconception counseling at Inspira starts with an initial consultation with one of our specialists, where we’ll discuss your medical history, family history, and any concerns or questions you may have about preconception screening. Based on this information, we’ll develop an individualized testing plan tailored to your specific needs and concerns. This plan may include a combination of blood tests, genetic screening, infectious disease screening, and other evaluations. Many conditions are detectable via a blood test, so the screening process is often simple and virtually painless.

Once your test results are available, we’ll review the findings with you and discuss any recommended next steps or interventions based on the results. Throughout the entire screening process, our team will be by your side to provide guidance, support and personalized care. Our goal is to empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your reproductive health and achieve your goals of starting or expanding your family.

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