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You deserve a compassionate space dedicated to supporting you through your breastfeeding journey. At Inspira, you’re not alone—we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Breastfeeding Assistance at Inspira: What to Expect 

Inspira’s certified lactation consultants work alongside your OB/GYN or Certified Nurse Midwife to provide seamless support throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey. We prioritize your comfort and well-being, offering compassionate care that respects your needs and preferences. 

Our team of certified lactation consultants and lactation-trained nurses is specially trained in breastfeeding support. Whether you’re a first-time parent or seeking guidance for subsequent pregnancies, we offer tailored education and resources to equip you with the skills for successful breastfeeding. We offer refrigerators for breast milk in postpartum units, as well as a donor milk bank for those who are not able to provide milk or whose babies need extra calories. 

Understanding that breastfeeding is a learning process, we provide classes and one-on-one support before your delivery date. These sessions cover essential topics such as proper latch techniques, milk production and troubleshooting common challenges, ensuring you feel prepared and empowered from the start.

Breastfeeding Resources at Inspira
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How Breastfeeding Works

Breastfeeding is a complex process that begins with achieving a proper latch, ensuring efficient milk transfer, and preventing discomfort. Breast milk production operates on a supply-and-demand basis, with frequent nursing stimulating milk production to meet the baby's needs. Oxytocin hormone release during breastfeeding triggers the milk ejection reflex, aiding milk flow. Breast milk consists of foremilk and hindmilk, providing essential nutrients and promoting satiety. Our certified lactation consultants at Inspira offer personalized support to help you navigate breastfeeding with confidence and assurance, ensuring both you and your baby thrive.

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