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There are many real-life issues that can get in the way of improving your health: from transportation to childcare to access to healthy foods. Our Community Health Worker (CHW) program can help you overcome these barriers to care and access the tools you need to reach your health goals.

Our Approach to Community Health Workers

Inspira offers guidance from CHWs at no cost, based on your personal health and wellness needs. You will be offered the opportunity to complete screening questions to determine if you could benefit from working with a CHW. If eligible, you will be connected with a CHW who can help identify community resources to assist you.

The goal of a CHW is to help you reach your lifestyle goals with convenient, in-person support that meets you where you are. You can meet with a CHW in-office, at home, or anywhere in the community. They can even accompany you to your appointments.

How the program works

Inspira’s CHWs connect you to resources in your community to:

  • Coordinate care and make medical appointments
  • Help with transportation, access to healthy foods, childcare, work, and housing
  • Help you create and reach health goals that meet you where you are
  • Find community, life coaching, and skill-building resources

What Makes Inspira’s CHW Program Unique?

We want you to be able to access the most comprehensive care available, and we’re here to help you take steps to improve your health. Our Community Health Workers are essential members of our care teams who live in the communities they serve. They are not only familiar with your community, but they are well connected to organizations and resources that may be able to provide you support.

CHWs are the missing piece of the puzzle of healthcare. Your CHW can help you navigate the confusing health care system by scheduling your appointments, arranging transportation and even accompanying you to your appointments. He or she can sit with you in your home and simply listen to what you are going through, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the anxiety of being unable to pay bills.

CHWs promote Inspira Health’s mission and vision by providing a safe and compassionate experience that improve the health and well-being of our community by inspiring and empowering healthier communities.

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