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Inspira is committed to helping young people navigate their childhood and adolescent years, develop skills for healthy living and access the physical and mental care they need.

Our Approach to Children’s Health Care

Children in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties face barriers related to their health, well-being and care. Inspira’s 2022-2024 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) found that 20 percent of residents across the three counties reported that children and youth were underserved members of their community, and nearly 33 percent said that pediatric service providers were a resource missing in their community.

Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of children in our region by increasing access to pediatric and mental health providers for children and youth, encouraging young people to finish their education and obtain skills leading to employment, and helping children make positive life choices like staying drug-free.

Children’s Health Care Resources in Our Community

To improve resources for children’s health care in our community, Inspira is providing the following resources and programs:

  • Pediatric Cardiologist Collaboration: Embeds cardiologists in Maternal Fetal Medicine departments to perform fetal echocardiology exams
  • Pediatric Behavioral Health Collaboration: Embeds behavioral health providers in pediatricians’ offices
  • Early Intervention Program: Provides services for children with confirmed or suspected developmental, neurobehavioral and learning disabilities
  • Family Success Centers: Community-based, family-focused neighborhood centers that offer family support, information and services
  • Parent Linking Program: Provides support for any pregnant or parenting student enrolled in Vineland High School
  • School-based Youth Services: A comprehensive health and wellness program that provides direct services to local school students
  • Smoking and Tobacco Quit Center: Statewide service for youth who smoke and vape
  • Region 10 Cancer Coalition: Cancer, HPV and tobacco education for youth
  • Healthy Habits Program: A program where registered dietitians bring key health and nutrition information to students Sidebar

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