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The pandemic has changed our daily lives and exacerbated health inequities in our community. It has disrupted our patterns and routines and forever shifted the way we live, work and play. While we may be getting back to doing some of the things we used to love, COVID-19 is still affecting many residents of South Jersey.

Our Approach to COVID-19

Inspira is working to continue providing COVID-19 community services including vaccinations as well as preventive and interventional health care. In addition, we continue to participate in the Southern New Jersey Regional Coalition, a shared response center, to coordinate surge and overflow plans, regional responses to needs, such as equipment and PPE, and predictive data modeling.

We are also planning for future pandemics and emergencies. We are improving emergency preparedness and response by building community resilience, developing a playbook and procedural template with a hierarchy of control and employing an iterative approach to evaluate the successes and challenges of our response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources in Our Community

To continue fighting the effects of the pandemic in our community, we’re providing services including:

  • COVID-19 Testing: Access to convenient testing at Urgent Care locations across the region
  • COVID-19 Recovery Program: Treatment for patients experiencing persistent symptoms
  • Frequent Communication: Updates on COVID-19 news posted to our website, e-mail newsletter and social media., and community education opportunities

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