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Making Your Own Choices for Your Birth Experience

Making Your Own Choices for Your Birth Experience

Sep 29, 2021

Written by Claudia Krusch and originally published in Trendy Latina

You know I love technology, right? That is why I couldn’t wait to share Inspira Health’s new Digital Birth Plan Tool, a simple, informational, easy-to-use interactive application allowing mothers to create customized plans for their birth experience. 

Inspira’s New Digital Birth Plan Tool

When I had my son 18 years ago, there were not a lot of resources and technology available to help me plan my birth and own my choices.

I was lucky to have updates every month or two when visiting my doctor, but I felt like I only had one source to help me through the process. I had to rely solely on my doctor and information/options he provided. No smart phones, no tech, everything was on paper and not much info available. 

I’m extremely excited to share that much has changed since then, and tell you all about Inspira’s New Digital Birth Plan Tool! 

The Digital Birth Plan Tool is designed to build a step-by-step plan for expecting mothers. It launched as part of Inspira’s new maternity campaign focusing on empowering women and embracing the unique pregnancy experience that moms-to-be encounter. Women can choose how much planning they would like for their birth from some detail to maximum detail – personalize it to your style!

Additional info on Inspira Medical Centers Maternity 

Inspira Maternity Care also offers:

Having a difficult pregnancy with rare issues like mine made me feel unsure and stressed about what the future would hold. 

It also brought questions about the possibility of my son being born a preemie, which I knew ahead of time, there was a high possibility of. 

I wish I had all the tools and technology that Inspira offers when I was pregnant, and just had to worry about buying cute outfits! 

It would have given me peace of mind to make choices that I believed were right for me and know more about the process in advance of delivery too. I also feel it would have helped me through the process of having a child while having placenta previa and accrete at the same time. 

But I feel Inspira’s New Digital Birth Plan Tool is not only for cases like mine, but also for the regular birth needs of all moms, as it gives you choices, planning tips and options and steps to help ensure your journey is as happy as the joy you’re feeling about your little one who is on the way! 

The tool takes expecting mothers through a series of questions we all have such as:

  • Type of birth: vaginal or c-section
  • Delivery room logistics including noise level, lighting, background audio
  • Desired support for delivery
  • Pain medication and timing during delivery
  • Welcoming the baby: cutting the umbilical cord, circumcision, etc.
  • And more!

At the conclusion, women can print, save and share the birthing plan they want with their doctor. Awesome, right?

Don’t wait until labor! Prepare now. It’s important to provide you and your baby with a special birth experience.

Take action now: 

  • Request an Appointment online or call 888-312-4784 (888-31 BIRTH) and an Inspira agent can connect you with a provider near you.
  • Join me and use Inspira’s birth plan tool to feel ready for delivery, after all, it is your journey, your choice! 

You can find out more about Inspira .

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