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Get to Know the GetWell Network

Get to Know the GetWell Network

Mar 9, 2022

As a high reliability organization (HRO), Inspira Health is committed to patient safety. One of the ways we’ve worked toward better, safer patient experiences is by using our inpatient engagement tool, the GetWell Network. 

The GetWell Network is available on televisions in all patient rooms at Inspira Medical Centers Mullica Hill and Vineland. “The goal of this tool is three-fold: to provide education, experience and entertainment for patients,” said Diane Holba, clinical transformation informatics specialist at Inspira Health. 

Patient Education and Entertainment

One of the main benefits of the GetWell Network is the ability for patients to access educational materials customized to their conditions and treatment plans. “Providers can assign patients videos to watch that are specific to their needs. By using this tool, they can reinforce the education they give to patients even when they leave the room,” said Dawn Davis, manager of patient experience at Inspira Health. 

Patients can also access medication data sheets through the GetWell Network, and even email themselves the documents for reference after they go home. “When a physician orders a medication for a patient, a prompt will appear on the television and the patient can either review the information later or in the moment while their provider is there to answer questions,” said Holba. 

In addition to a library of educational videos, patients can also enjoy access to the internet, various games and relaxation videos through the GetWell Network. 

Patient Experience and Safety

The GetWell Network improves the patient experience. Patients can navigate the television with a personal keyboard and pillow speaker, see staff names and titles on their screen when they enter the room and share questions and concerns about medications or procedures with nurses and physicians. The GetWell Network integrates with Inspira’s rounding tool, Rounds+, so that the nursing leadership team has a proactive way to see what the patient needs are.

In addition, patients can order meals specific to their physician-ordered diet and can order prescribed medications to be delivered right to their bedside before they go home. 

The videos available through the GetWell Network make education accessible to patients, even after a procedure. “This type of education meets patients where they are in their journey,” said Davis. “The videos are only three to five minutes long and provide consistency of communication. If the patient missed something because they’re tired or groggy after a procedure, they can refer back to the videos.”

Using the GetWell Network

The GetWell Network is available in inpatient rooms at Inspira Medical Centers Mullica Hill and Vineland, as well as pre-op and cardiopulmonary areas at Inspira Medical Center Vineland. The platform language can be set to both English and Spanish and also offers a specialized pediatric experience with an age-appropriate, kid-friendly video library.

Providers can assign videos to patients via Cerner according to their condition and treatment plan. 
“Ordering individualized videos for patients helps advance their care and provide them with extra support,” said Holba. To order educational videos, providers should: 

  • Access patient orders via “Menu” and select “+Add”
  • Type “GWN” in the search field—this will provide a list of Powerforms that contain the educational videos
  • Select the desired Powerform and click “Done”
  • Once the Powerform opens on the orders screen, select the desired video(s) using checkboxes and then sign the order

Additional resources and tips for using patient resources are on the Access or Request Medical Records page.

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