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Teaching 'Natural' Movement with LSVT BIG

Teaching 'Natural' Movement with LSVT BIG

May 28, 2019

Parkinson’s disease is called a movement disorder because the tremors, stiffening and balance issues it can create for an individual with the disease can make both small and large motor tasks difficult. As the disease progresses, people living with Parkinson’s can have trouble getting around or completing tasks that were once simple, like getting dressed for the day. Their gestures become smaller and slower over time.

Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s, there are medications that can help control symptoms. Significant improvement to motor skills can also be restored through a treatment called LSVT BIG® that can help whether you’re in the early, moderate or late stages of the disease.

LSVT BIG® trains people with Parkinson’s to improve movements for all kinds of activities, from something small like buttoning a shirt to larger movements like getting up from a couch. People with Parkinson’s may feel like they’re making movements that are at a “normal” speed and size, but their movements are actually smaller or slower than they may realize. To help people “recalibrate” the LSVT BIG® treatments are designed to help retrain their brain to “think big” about their movements.

At first it can feel strange to the individual, like their movements are too big or too fast compared to the people around them. With one-on-one treatments from an LSVT BIG® certified clinician, an individual with Parkinson’s can learn to use bigger movements in their everyday life. It helps improve the mismatch between what they feel like they’re doing and what they’re actually doing.

Inspira Rehab Care offers the LSVT BIG® program to help individuals who have noticed significant problems with balance, mobility or posture. It’s never too late to start and can help regardless of the stage or severity of an individual’s condition. Individuals looking to enroll should be comfortable committing to multiple sessions per week for four weeks in a row.

LSVT BIG® graduates should continue practicing the exercises they learned during the program.   In addition to the LSVT BIG® program, Inspira Sports Rehab Care Vineland offers a group exercise class after completing LSVT BIG® to maintain the gains you have made. Many of the exercises will include a lot of repetition, since Parkinson’s makes it harder to remember to use bigger movements consistently. Enrolling in the program will be the start of a life-long journey to help you slow the progression of the disease’s physical effects. 

Patients and caregivers can call Inspira Health Sports Rehab Care of Vineland at (856) 641-7875 to get started or to learn more.

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