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LSVT® programs are evidence-based speech, physical or occupational therapies. Inspira Health offers two distinct therapy programs, each designed to help patients living with Parkinson’s disease regain control over their communication, function and movement. 

An older person doing speech exercises with a speech language pathologist at a table

How LSVT BIG® Works 

LSVT BIG® trains people with Parkinson disease (PD) to retake control of their body. People living with PD or other neurological conditions often move differently. They may have trouble with getting around, getting dressed and completing other daily activities safely. 

LSVT BIG® treatment is delivered one-on-one and is tailored to each person’s own abilities and goals. Its holistic approach addresses not only movement issues, but also considers non-motor symptoms including emotional changes and cognitive changes. 

LSVT BIG® treatments can lead to: 

  • Improved walking quality and safety 
  • Bigger steps and arm movements 
  • Improved balance 
  • More flexibility 
  • Improved motor tasks 
  • Writing 
  • Getting dressed 
  • Standing or getting into bed 

Ultimately, LSVT BIG® helps improve the mismatch between what you feel you’re doing and what you’re actually doing, making you more confident, comfortable and empowered. With one month of hard work, LSVT BIG® can open doors to a more active and independent life. 

How LSVT LOUD® Works 

LSVT LOUD® helps patients raise their voices. Parkinson’s can impact a patient’s ability to communicate with others. Soft voice, hoarseness, monotone, mumbled speech and rapid speech are the most commonly reported voice and speech issues associated with Parkinson’s Disease. 

LSVT LOUD® is used for treating voice and speech disorders in individuals with PD. It has helped people in all stages of Parkinson’s Disease but has been found to be the most effective for those in the mild to moderate stages. 

LSVT LOUD® treatments can lead to: 

  • Improvements in loudness 
  • More variation in loudness 
  • Improvement in use of facial expressions while talking 
  • Improved efficiency with swallowing 
  • Speech related brain changes 

It’s never too early to begin LSVT LOUD® treatment! Treatment with LSVT LOUD® before noticing changes in communication may keep your voice and speech strong for years to come. 

After LSVT Treatment 

At Inspira Health Rehab Care, your care does not stop after your LSVT BIG® or LOUD® treatments have completed. You have the option to transition into a twice-per week group class offered by the Inspira Fitness Connection. Our Parkinson’s certified clinicians will lead you in a class designed to maximize the benefits of your LSVT BIG® treatments. There is a small monthly fee to attend the classes. 

Why Choose Inspira for LSVT BIG® & LOUD® for Parkinson’s

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