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Managing a mental health or substance use disorder can be overwhelming, especially for those who face barriers to care like lack of housing, transportation and childcare. Inspira Integrated Care brings together health care resources to help patients achieve their best health.

What is Inspira Integrated Care?

This program helps eligible patients overcome their barriers to mental health care by addressing social determinants of health. In the program, patients connect with a care navigator who helps with scheduling appointments, arranging transportation and overcoming other challenges that may keep them from thriving.

Other Integrated Care services include:

  • A health evaluation
  • Treatment and medication management
  • Coordinated health care with doctors and specialists
  • Medication-assisted addiction treatment
  • Management of substance withdrawal symptoms
  • Help connecting with community resources for housing, education, employment and more

How Inspira Integrated Care Works

The goal of Integrated Care is to foster a holistic approach to health care. A primary care or behavioral health provider can determime patient eligibility and help with enrollment. The Integrated Care team can work with new or existing clinicians to identify and schedule helpful services for patients.

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