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Substance use disorders affect millions of Americans every year. If you or a loved one is facing addiction, know you’re not alone. Inspira’s Wellness Centers offers traditional outpatient care for those in recovery, whether their journey is just starting or they’re stepping down from a higher level of care.

What is the Wellness Outpatient Program?

The Wellness Outpatient Program at Inspira is a traditional outpatient program that offers services to those struggling with both mental health and substance use disorders. This program provides support with weekly hour-long individual, family and group therapy sessions, as well as medication management.

How the Wellness Outpatient Program Works

This program accepts participants from many different sources, from physician- to self-referral and more. Everyone has a different recovery process, so some participants are enrolled in the outpatient program for six months and some continue for a longer period of time.

Our providers are trained to recognize the unique challenges of mental health and addiction concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal issues, family difficulties, grief and ADHD. In addition, our therapists are well-versed in working with the LGBTQ+ community.

What to Expect in the Wellness Outpatient Program

Whether you’re referred by your health care provider, an inpatient program or yourself, Inspira’s wellness team is here to help you face your mental health and substance use disorders. The Wellness Outpatient Program is covered by most insurance plans and is held in a primarily virtual environment. In-person sessions are available on a limited basis.

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