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Senior citizens number over 1 million in New Jersey, and they’re a key part of our community. 

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Our Approach to Senior Health Care

At Inspira Health, we offer a variety of services and programs geared toward the greatest generation reflecting our commitment to patient safety, clinical excellence and service. 
We recognize that seniors have unique needs. We offer specialized programs catered to their needs, complete with extensive staff education and interdepartmental collaboration, to deliver the highest quality of care and improve outcomes for both patients and families.

Programs for Seniors

Active Aging 

Take action and get active! You’ll feel better, improve your health and attitude, and keep your brain working. The Active Aging program can help you achieve your goals with low-impact group exercise classes and educational wellness sessions that fit your lifestyle.

LIFE Program 

Inspira LIFE is a national Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). This comprehensive health plan offers an integrated and proactive approach for providing health care needs for seniors 55 and older that are clinically eligible. The program’s goal is to keep seniors living independently and safely in their homes and community. The program combines center-based care with home care and offers primary care, specialty care, physical and occupational therapy, recreation therapy, transportation, nutritional counseling, social services, durable medical equipment, transportation and medications.

Partnering with 55+ Communities

Inspira Health partners with 55+ communities and active adult organizations to promote healthy living, provide screenings and discuss their health care options. We accomplish this by working with each organization to offer health fairs, webinars and educational information to their community.

Senior Class 

The Inspira Senior Class is developed for adults ages 55 and over who want to make new friends, learn about current health trends and remain informed about special senior community events offered through Inspira.

Preventing and treating disease and healthy living are frequent educational topics presented at Senior Class. Several meetings are held throughout the year and each begins with a luncheon followed by an educational presentation. Speakers are physicians and healthcare professionals of the Inspira community with proficiency in senior care. There is always ample time after the presentation to ask questions and socialize with fellow seniors. All are held at the Inspira Fitness Connection in Vineland and begin at noon with an associated lunch fee of $6.00 due at each meeting.

Joining Senior Class is easy as there is no membership fee. If you are interested or would like to refer a friend, call Sr. Events Specialist, Jenna Innocenzi at (856) 575-4346.

Senior Health Services 

In addition to our senior programs, we are proud to offer a variety of services that make healthy lifestyles and health care more accessible for our seniors.

Home Care and Hospice 

Inspira and BAYADA are proud to be South Jersey-based providers of dignified home health and hospice care. 

Lifeline Emergency Response

 The Lifeline system allows seniors and at-risk individuals to continue to live independently at home.  

Senior Emergency Department

Our specialized senior emergency department meets the needs of a growing elderly patient population who typically account for 15 to 20 percent of ER visits. Only the second of its kind in New Jersey and the first in the Delaware Valley, the Senior Emergency Department tailors care specifically for patients in their senior years.

Accessible through a separate entrance and lobby, the Senior Emergency Department creates a welcoming, safe and quiet atmosphere for seniors with low-glare lighting, sound-proofing measures, soft flooring, larger rooms and a dedicated waiting room for family members. Patients are treated by a team of physicians, nurses and health care professionals specially trained in senior care.

Why Choose Inspira for Senior Health Care

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