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A Medicare annual wellness visit is a comprehensive appointment with your health care team that promotes preventive health to improve overall well-being. A free benefit to anyone enrolled in Medicare, this yearly wellness appointment identifies steps to stay as healthy, active and independent as possible.

What Is a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

A Medicare annual wellness visit is a yearly appointment with your care team that is covered by Medicare. The purpose of this visit is to assess your overall health and well-being, create a personalized, preventive care plan and identify any potential health issues early on.

Your Medicare annual wellness visit allows you to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your health with your care team. These routine appointments help improve communication and ensure you receive the care and support you need to stay healthy.

At Inspira, we’re committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. We understand the importance of Medicare annual wellness visits and are here to support you in maintaining your best health.

What Is Included in a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

Annual wellness visits help you manage your health today and prevent future health issues. A Medicare annual wellness visit includes:

  • A review of the medications, supplements and vitamins you are currently taking
  • An overview of your personal and family medical history
  • Screenings for issues with your mood or memory that can affect your health and well-being
  • Routine vaccinations, including annual flu and pneumonia vaccines
  • Personalized health advice and action plans based on your risk factors, medical conditions and needs

What To Expect at Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

During your Medicare annual wellness visit, your care team will help you complete a comprehensive health assessment; review your medical history, including any medications you currently take; and discuss your health concerns and questions. Based on your needs, they will also assess your risk for various health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Based on this assessment, your care team will work alongside you to develop an easy-to-follow, personalized, preventive care plan tailored to your specific needs and health history. This plan may include recommendations for preventive screenings, vaccinations and lifestyle changes to help you maintain optimal health and wellness.

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