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At Inspira, patients have access to high-quality meals that aid in their healing process. And with our hotel-style room service, patients have the freedom to customize their meal orders and delivery times to their liking. Patients in our medical centers can order meals via phone at any time between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m, and will receive their meal within 45-60 minutes. Those who are unable to navigate the Room Service system due to physical, emotional or cognitive difficulties will be assisted by a Room Service Ambassador.

Senior Male Patient Being Served Meal On Tray In Hospital Bed

Ordering Room Service

Patients select from a restaurant-style menu featuring a wide variety of food choices designed to meet patients’ therapeutic needs.

Meal orders are taken by a helpful and knowledgeable member of the Room Service team. All patient meals are “checked” by a specialized computer system to ensure they adhere to a physician’s diet order.

If a patient orders something that does not fit their prescribed diet, a Hospitality representative will make suggestions that fit into the patient’s diet plan.

Our Menu

Menu selections are based on patient-preference research and are freshly prepared by skilled chefs. All options are reviewed by registered dietitians to ensure nutritional adequacy.

Patient Benefits

The Room Service program allows patients access to freshly prepared, high-quality food with the help of Food and Nutrition staff, who ensure nutritional requirements are being met. In addition, patients can enjoy a variety of meal options and the flexibility to have it delivered when they’re ready to eat.

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