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Our Department exists to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and our staff regardless of their religious background.

group of woman with their eyes closed and holding hands while praying

Inspira’s Approach to Spiritual Care and Clergy

Our office networks with local churches, synagogues and houses of worship to meet the needs of each person accordingly.

It will be our joy to serve you or your family in any way we are able to during your stay with us.

Our Philosophy

Our motto is “Pointing the Hurting to Hope!” We do not seek to proselytize on behalf of any religion, denomination or faith tradition. We are here to point you toward hope at any stage of your journey.

To partner with us as a community clergy please contact us or click here to apply/renew your clergy badge ID.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please contact us. We are always accepting new team members.

Please note: the volunteering process and responsibilities may be affected by COVID-19.

Inspira Support Centers

Supportive counseling and support groups are available virtually and in convenient locations across South Jersey.

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