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Patients and visitors are responsible for all belongings. Inspira Health is not responsible for replacing lost or misplaced items. We recommend you bring only essential items to the hospital and offer the following tips to help keep your personal items secure:


  • Patients/caregivers should bring with them to the hospital a current list of medications the patient is taking, including herbal and over the counter medications as well as prescription medications.
  • Patients should NOT bring in their actual medication bottles.
  • If a patient brings their medication with them to the hospital, these will be treated as the patient’s personal belongings and Inspira Health is not responsible if the medication gets lost or misplaced. 


  • Please leave all valuables at home or send them home with a family member or friend upon admission to the hospital; this includes cash, checkbooks, credit cards, jewelry and other items    deemed to be of value, i.e. wallet, purse, cell phone, laptop computers, e-readers, iPads, etc. or any other item that would be considered a loss if misplaced. 


  • Storage space in patient rooms is limited and hospital gowns are provided.
  • We suggest that clothing worn to the hospital be sent home with family/friends and have appropriate clothing brought to the hospital shortly before patient discharge.

Dentures, Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses 

  • A staff member will provide a case for these items if the patient does not already have one with them.
  • Please avoid placing these items on a meal tray, under a pillow, on the sheets, on the bedside table, in a robe pocket, or in any concealed place where they may be lost or accidentally thrown out.

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